ViennaAntenna is an online animation series that shows the Austrian capital as a modern city, in tune with contemporary and future tendencies 

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Episode One

There is a path where technology, design and entertainment converge. We want to follow it 

What makes Vienna smart? What can make it better? We want to get in touch with innovative Viennese like-minded communities and startups, to write stories together about all those things that push us towards the future: sustainability, living together, technology, coincidences, science, habits and many other factors that let us track the inner modern Viennese spirit that keeps floating around the city. 

ViennaAntenna is a project by the Verein Innatenovation 

— Verein zur Schaffung von Synergien zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst, und die Förderung der kulturellen Verbindung zwischen Österreich und Lateinamerika

ZVR-Zahl: 096603396

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