Bots Are More Than “Fake News” Machines

Demonizing bots causes society to overlook the possibility of using them for good

Image: Selfie with van der Bellen, a Facebook chatbot that included an image of the candidate in your profile pic. This Austrian initiative was born during the last Austrian presidential election, which pitted a green candidate vs. a far-right candidate

To be naïve about how social media channels promote shepherding is simply awful, but it is also naïve to pretend that everything related to software programs in social media channels is perverted. After all, they are written by humans. You can read the complete article here, in the Chatbots Magazine. Thanks for the click!

Image: Screenshot of Wahlbot, a friendly bot that gave easy access to the latest counts and news during the last Austrian presidential election day. It was released by the national public broadcaster ORF, which guaranteed that Wahlbot was a non-biased messenger.