Viennaantenna project

— Verein zur Schaffung von Synergien zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst,

und die Förderung der kulturellen Verbindung zwischen Österreich und Lateinamerika

Natural phenomena, science and technology have never been better represented than during the last decade; computer simulations, animations and short films are finally visualizing and explaining what complicated equations describe.

The Verein Innatenovation aims to create synergies between science and arts, and to improve the cultural relation between Austria and Latinamerica. 


Its main current project is called ViennaAntenna; it is an online animation series that shows Vienna as a modern city, in tune with contemporary and future tendencies. In this series the fields of technology, design and entertainment converge. ViennaAntenna wants to make room for Austria in this online market. The main themes are: 1) Popularization of science, technology and Austrian scientists, 2) Successful social and cultural policies in Vienna and Austria, and 3) History and tradition. The idea is to generate effective learning through an aesthetic experience and show proactive attitudes towards a sustainable future.

This is just an informative appetizer; we will bring you news as soon as we can. Enjoy the summer! 

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