Copernicus to the people

Have you heard about the Earth Observation (EO) Market? Probably not. We want to change that by developing an interactive map browser that visualizes satellite data so that it can be understood by everyone. Satellite products and services are revolutionizing the digitalization of economic areas like agriculture, urban monitoring, renewable energies and more. There is a real need to spread the word and to help potential customers find satellite suppliers.

Our geo browser will not target an exclusive group. We believe in the democratization of knowledge and therefore we want our interactive maps to be a playful tool that can be used by people with no specific background. By doing so, we wil popularize the European satellite mission Copernicus and improve ecological awareness of the planet we inhabit.

Kopf project started during the first “Open Data Copernicus Hackathon”,  a  two days event that took place in Vienna (November 2016) where developers, data specialists and scientists from various disciplines met in project teams. The challenge was to create a pioneer application from the open geo data generated by the satellite mission Copernicus. Kopf emerged as the winner project and it's now a startup participating in an intensive Viennese business incubator called INiTS

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