Imagination gets warm in an elevated nest
Imagination gets warm in an elevated nest

Hello, my name is Irene del Carmen Pérez-Merbis. I would like to create bridges between science, technology and society; to refresh anecdotes or histories that can serve as an example to follow - or are simply curious to follow-, and keep abreast of l´avant garde and new tendencies. 


I will share some intimacy telling you a few remarkable aspects of my life. Since childhood I was curious about the meaning of existence. This anxiety keeps making me company. I have focused on the question "what is beauty?". When I was a teenager I decided to start writing with the hand I did not know how to use.  After a long battle, nowadays I am a proud ambidextrous. My self esteem is boost whenever I trap a mosquito (with one or two hands). Isn´t it awesome that my name is in the internet? You can check it out here.


Finally, I make a statement: I aim to work in the line of those who want to make this a smarter, cleaner and fairer world.


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imagination gets warm in an elevated nest

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